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Zoom Essentials & Zoom Basics


Zoom Essentials & Zoom Basics


Zoom video conferencing and web conferencing – Zoom tips, tricks & more – Zoom for remote working and working from home

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Upon completing this course you will receive 2 Certificates of Completion and a Zoom Certified Digital Badge you can add to your CV, LinkedIn Profile or any other online profile & access to the most dynamic Agile Community in the world.

Zoom is the most popular and widely used video conferencing and web conferencing tool in the world today. Particularly, in the business world. In this course you will learn all the Zoom essentials, fundamentals and basics to hit the ground running when hosting online meetings using Zoom.

As more and more people start to work remotely or are currently working from home, productivity apps like Zoom have grown exponentially. So if you haven’t heard about Zoom yet, you will likely hear about it soon. Companies and businesses all over the world are relying right now on tools like Zoom to carry out online meetings, video conference calls, conference calls, presentations and most importantly to make business decisions on a day to day basis.

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