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Improving Equality and Diversity with Technology


Improving Equality and Diversity with Technology


Learn how to create and advocate for gender inclusion, anti-racism, and diverse innovation in technology development.


This Course gives you the chance to learn with leading industry experts and develop the critical and practical tools needed to create or advocate for more equitable technologies.

Once you have completed all three courses, you’ll be able to use the tools you’ve developed to promote equality and diversity in your own context. Whether you work in recruitment, user research, implementation, testing, marketing, or any other area, you’ll have the techniques to advocate for and implement meaningful change in technology development.

Advocate for gender-inclusive technology
You’ll explore how technologies can replicate gender stereotypes and inequalities found in society, and how you can challenge this. You’ll look at a range of inclusive design approaches, from research and development to testing and implementation, hearing the perspectives of some incredible gender equality advocates along the way.

Develop anti-racist approaches to assist your business processes
On this course, you’ll go on a journey from historical examples of racism in technology to inspiring present day examples of technology promoting anti-racism. You’ll discover the importance of considering race at every stage of the process, from recruiting teams and user research to implementation and launching a product, and how you can apply these approaches to your own life.

Cultivate diversity in the workplace to amplify innovation
The second course will take you through diverse innovation and the benefits that it can bring to both society and the economy. You’ll discover how to create diverse cultures in your workplace and how you can amplify underrepresented voices.

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