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  • Automation Of Microsoft Flow In Teams


    Have you ever wanted to know about how to automate a repetitive task using flow in Microsoft Teams for your business to be more efficient? If so, then welcome to this course.

    Automate any tasks! Build automated workflows with no code inside Microsoft Teams. Power Automate is a development environment created by Microsoft to quickly create flows, which can automate any repetitive task that you have (both personal and for work).

    This course is structured in a way that helps you learn the concept of integrating the flow inside Microsoft Teams

    To know about Power Automate

    It is a tool that allows you to build and execute flows, which can automate any repetitive tasks. Almost any repetitive task can be replaced by Power Automate.

    Why Learn Power Automate?

    · Boost your productivity – Power Automate can automate any repetitive task, which means you can have more time in the day.

    · Create impact fast in your business – Power Automate can replace many mundane business process tasks with the click of a few buttons, without any code. Do you have a process in your organization or with yourself that is currently to be automated ? Power Automate allows you to replace this with an automated flow.

  • Convert Bank Statements To Profit & Loss


    Earn passive income creating profit loss statements

  • Microsoft Excel: Essential Of Excel From Beginner To Advance


    Learn essentials of Microsoft excel in the easiest way from beginners to advance. | Microsoft Excel 2021 | Mastery

  • Offline Business Models In MS Excel 2016


    The course is a practical, step by step guide loaded with tones of analyses, tricks, hints that will significantly improve the speed with which you analyze and create business models in Excel.