About Us

Crinet Systems is a South African based Information Systems and Business Solutions Company. We provide comprehensive world-class solutions and services to mid-market businesses and industries nationally as well as specialist solutions and services within larger enterprises. We offer both professional information system services and Business solutions in the form of providing professional training in Management, Personal Development, Sales & Marketing, Corporate IT, Banking, Finance and Business Strategy.

How we do it?

Crinet System aims at providing a personal service to our clients. This helps us build a business /working relationship with our clients, which will allow us, as well as help us to provide a business solution that complements our clients’ needs.

By doing so our clients will be enabled to overcome all the challenges they may be facing in an effective manner.

  • Disseminate Strategic Business Intelligence through face to face and business trainings
  • Communicate products which combine International and Local conference content
  • Deliver Business Information of High Value - adding quality solutions to our customers.
  • Integrity and Professional ethics in our business transactions
  • Obtain long-term contracts with giant organizations to prove our credibility and focal point.
  • Ultimate mission: A strong commitment to client satisfaction.

Needs Identification

The need for improved productivity has become universally accepted and that it depends on efficient and effective training is not less apparent. It has further become necessary in view of advancement in modern world to invest in training. Thus the role played by staff training and development can no longer be over-emphasized.

Training and development are required for staff to enable them to work towards taking the organization to its expected destination. It is against the backdrop of the relative importance of staff training and development in relation to organisational effectiveness.



The trainings we conduct a meant to be informative, giving you information that you WILL use immediately on the job.


At Crinet Systems, we try ur very best todeliver all our goods in time, to maintain a good customer relation.


At Crinet Systems, we have affordable prices for all our goods and services.


Crinet Systems has been around for over 7 years and our vast knowledge and experience reassures you that we will impart the needed knowledge accurately

Why choose us?

The crinet systems onsite training philosophy is not only effective, but tailor made to fit each individual company. Crinet Systems helps dynamic organisations align their IT services with their business requirements by offering both end-to-end solutions and needs-driven consultation.

By using critical market research methods in the designing and production of our programs, we are able to identify the distinctive challenges facing local and African businesses today. Our commitment to service excellence means that we deliver genuine business solutions at competitive rates. Our research-driven programs relate directly to market movements and industrial change. In order to provide learners with the ultimate learning experience Crinet Systems draws on a diverse pool of industry professionals in the production and presenting of our programs.

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